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5 All Natural Remedies for Snoring

written by Guest Blogger April 27, 2013

Do you snore or do you sleep with or near someone who does? It`s not only annoying but can be or become a health issue. Let`s hear about a few natural cures for snoring from guest blogger, Jimmy Keillor. 

It used to be that snoring was simply a nasty surprise that you stumbled upon after spending your first couple of nights with your newlywed, or it was the dull noise that came down the hall from the guest room at night every time your grandfather came to visit. Unfortunately, snoring is turning out to be more than just an annoyance, but an indicator of possible health problems as well.


If you’re looking to curb your snoring and improve your health, here are five all-natural remedies for you to try:


Yoga is a great place to start for people that are looking to quit snoring without using pills or awkward devices. The reason that yoga can help snorers mute themselves at night is because it teaches controlled breathing. Another reason that yoga is a good idea is that it can help those that are overweight to shed a couple of pounds, which can actually reduce snoring if extra neck weight is pushing down on the soft tissue in the throat during sleep.


It sounds simple, but a little bit of water can go a long way when looking for a cure for snoring. Dry nasal passageways contribute to snoring, and dehydration contributes to dry nasal passageways. If you are already hydrated well, you might try taking a hot shower before you sleep or even try using a Neti pot.


A warm drink before you sleep can help to relax you enough that you that you will not snore (try the “Breathe Easy” types of teas). A word of warning: stay away from coffee and hot chocolate because of the caffeine and calories, but stay even further away from milk. Milk is a dairy product, and when somebody ingests dairy their body begins to produce higher amounts of mucus while digesting, which, if occurring before bed, can contribute to snoring. Also, you can overdo the relaxation aspect here. Sleep aids and alcohol are to be avoided because they will relax your muscles to the point that snoring will actually be easier.

Natural Oils

There are plenty of natural oils out there that one can use to coax the airways open before bed, but my two favorites are mint oil and eucalyptus oil. Mint oil can be mixed with water and sprinkled near the head of your bed before you go to sleep, or you can try putting a eucalyptus oil on your upper lip before you lay down.

Sleeping Position

Because of the way that the tongue and palate can push back, restrict airflow and vibrate, sleeping on your back is actually more conducive to snoring. If that is your preferred position to sleep in, try propping your head up with a couple of pillows. If you can manage, try sleeping on your side or stomach as this makes it harder for you to snore.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and you can find more solutions for snoring here. If you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to leave a comment in the section below because we’d love to hear them.

About the Author

Jimmy Keillor is a medical researcher and freelance writer who has studied the causes and effects of sleep deprivation his entire career. Many of his colleagues consider him a walking reference book of disruptive sleep patterns. When he’s not studying or writing, Jimmy enjoys parasailing and taking his two boys to the rodeo.

What are your favourite natural snoring cures?

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