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4 Gadgets Diabetics Can Use Around The Clock

written by Guest Blogger November 26, 2013

If you have diabetes or know someone who does, you’ll know just how hard it is to manage this condition. I’m pleased to feature guest blogger, Sara Stringer, on these great gadgets diabetics will find super useful. (Hello gift ideas!)

The latest statistics from National Diabetes Education Program show that 8.3% (5.8 million) U.S. citizens suffer from diabetes. There were 1.5 million people diagnosed with the condition in 1958, but that number has seen a staggering rise and there were 1.8 million people diagnosed in 2010.

Every diabetic patient today needs to make lifestyle changes to keep their blood sugar levels in check. Being careless with the condition can lead to hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia in the short run and more severe conditions such as heart disease, amputations, infections and kidney complications over the long term.

The good news is that managing diabetics is now far easier than it used to be several years ago, thanks in part to innovation in healthcare technology. Diabetics can now take advantage of the healthcare gadgets, which not only decrease the cost of medical visits, but also provide convenience, as they can be used from the comfort of home.

Some of the gadgets diabetics can use every day are:

1. Wireless insulin pump

Wireless insulin pumps are quit durable and easy to operate. They remove the inconvenience of using a pump with tubing, letting the user schedule insulin delivery instead.

Most modern wireless insulin pump gadgets provide a summary of the delivery at the end in the form of charts and reports. Apart from providing accurate dosage, they also suggest IOS (insulin on board) and carbohydrate levels. The latest designs are small in size and can easily fit into the pocket of the user.

2. CGM device

A CGM device is used to see updated glucose stats derived from the interstitial fluid sensors. They also provide a summary in the form of bars and charts to provide warning if the glucose levels are pending at low or high levels. Some devices even provide visual information based on factors such as insulin regimes and the diet and exercise routines of the patient.

These CGM reviews provide insight on how the device has helped patients over the years. Diabetic patients report that the gadget provides valuable information about their blood sugar levels and notifies them when it shoots up too high or low. This helps them to take measures (diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes) that assist in keeping the level close to normal range.

3. Electronic pillboxes

Patients who visit multiple doctors in a month often find it difficult to manage multiple prescriptions, but they’re generally unaware that even slight errors in medication management can lead to negative outcomes. This is the reason why electronic pillboxes were created.

The device helps patients to keep up with their medical regimes by providing notifications through email, text messages and even audio/visual reminders. Moreover, some offerings also provide an option to enter the name of the pills and the dose on a particular day.

4. Nutritional trackers

There is a special nutrition regime diabetics need to follow, and nutritional trackers are the perfect devices to keep on track with the diet. They can be used to create a log of food and groceries to buy as well as recipes.

The trackers can also be used to count daily calorie consumption for patients who are looking to get in shape, and some of them offer interactive motivational reports on successful diabetic weight loss stories.

About the Author

Sara is a freelance writer who most often writes about business and health. In her spare time, she enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle through swimming and practicing yoga.

Is there a diabetes gadget listed here or missing that you know works well? Add to the list by commenting! 

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