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350 to Start Healing the Planet

written by Head Health Nutter October 17, 2009

Participating in Blog Action Day ’09 was a real eye-opener and blessing. We learned the earth is sick and that there’s a bright side to climate change. By making healthier and conscious decisions, we’ll start healing the planet and ourselves. And now we have a goal: 350.

This is the acceptable carbon levels in our atmosphere and since we’re already at 390 parts per million, the Earth is heading towards degenerative disease!

So on International Day of Climate Change (October 24, 2009), people all over the world¬† are throwing 350 events “to show we are united and tell our leaders we need action this year.”

Please check out this moving 2:18 minute video by 350.0rg (see above).

Has anyone started a 350 event yet or signed up for one? Please share with us your plans for October 24th!

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