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3 Ways to Understanding Detox Diets and How They Can Help

written by Guest Blogger December 21, 2015

The New Year is around the corner and, with the fresh start, many people have already begun to set their resolutions. A popular choice for many is to get healthier in the New Year and lose weight. For some, this may also include detox diets and cleanses. If this is true for you, keep reading today’s guest article by Brooke Cade!

Detox diets and cleanses are hugely popular, but are they as beneficial as you may think? When deciding if a detox is right for you, it’s important to know what a detox diet is, the benefits associated with them, and the best practices for doing your own, safe detox.

Understand a Detox Diet

Our bodies are designed to naturally neutralize and eliminate toxins to remove waste and other toxins that enter through food, water, and other environmental influences. A detox diet helps to minimize those toxins and harmful chemicals in the body, provide the body with important vitamins and antioxidants, and can assist in weight loss.

To decide which detox is best for you, choose one that is high in fiber and contains a high amount of water to help flush the system out. These types of foods also assist in cleaning out the kidneys, liver, intestines, and lymphatic systems and keep them working at their best.

Benefits of a Detox

Studies show the more chemicals we ingest on a daily basis through what we eat, drink, and our environments settle into our systems and can potentially linger. If your body lacks the nutrients it needs, in addition to these outside factors, your body can become impaired and toxins can build up in your cells and tissues.

So, how do you know if you would benefit from a detox? If you’re showing signs of fatigue, muscle aches, poor concentration and digestion, and persistent bad breath, then a detox may benefit you. By flushing the toxins out of your body, you’re hitting the reset button and allowing your body to start fresh.

How To Do Your Own Detox, Safely

There are a lot of detox diets and cleanses on the market. Some promote fasting and liquids, others focus on organic, whole foods and may last for a couple of days or go as long as 10 days. If you’re ready to begin a detox to flush the toxins out of your body, here are some things to consider:

  • Liquid fast. This is a detox to eliminate the consumption of solid foods to help restore your body. If you’re new to this cleanse, limit it to just the weekend and no longer. When using this detox diet, supplement water with fruit juice and miso soup. In addition, try adding lemon juice, cayenne pepper (drops), and maple syrup (choose grade A) to water and drink like a tea.
  • Fruits & veggies. Natural fiber and nutrients are found in most fruits and vegetables and can help to eliminat
    e waste from your body. Incorporate dried fruit and green foods, such as broccoli and kale which aid in detoxes.
  • Nuts & Seeds. Support your detox and include raw, unsalted nuts and seeds into your diet for a great source of protein. This is an excellent way to keep your stomach from growling and helps support your body.
  • Massage. A massage helps to move fluids through the lymphatic system, supporting the natural detoxification in the body. In addition, since you’re already depriving yourself of treats, this is another great way to treat yourself and keep you away from the fridge for a midnight snack.
  • Exercise. When doing a detox, you don’t want to do any strenuous exercise, but a low-impact exercise like yoga or walking can prepare your body for healthy activity once the detox is over. During this time, choose something that involves deep breathing, mindfulness, or relaxation techniques to support your health goals.

Before beginning any detox diet or cleanse, consult with your doctor or health professional. Detoxification isn’t, nor should it be used as, a cure-all for weight loss. Instead, use this time to incorporate detox-friendly foods and habits in your routine to support and remove any toxins from your body.

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Have you ever done a detox diet? What was it like and did you get any benefits from it?

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