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3 Ways To Improve Your Life With A Home Fitness Routine

written by Guest Blogger April 7, 2011

ince moving last spring, my routine went out the door. I’ve even been considering investing in a gym membership since we’re still in the middle of renos but after reading this guest post by Rahim (a.k.a. The Homebody), I’m pumped to save money and reinvigorate my home fitness routine!

These days we all have a hectic schedule. A lot of us are taking second jobs or helping out loved ones and there just isn’t enough time in the day to hit the gym on a regular basis anymore. So what do we do?

Well I figured out a few years ago that while I spent 20 minutes going to the gym, 2 hours IN the gym and 20 minutes back home that I pretty much eliminated 3 hours of my day to do something that should only last about 90 minutes tops.

One morning I woke up earlier than usual and as I was laying there I got the notion to roll out of bed and do 30 push ups. From there I did 25 burpees and that led into 40 squats. Then it hit me!

Why was I going to the gym (sometimes in rush hour traffic, thus stressing me out) when I could have a home fitness routine right here in my own home?

A home fitness routine can be just as effective as going to the gym if you approach it with the same consistency and dedication. There are no lines to wait in to use a machine, there’s no gym etiquette and there’s no expensive gym membership to worry about.

3 ways to have fun building a great home fitness routine:

1. Designate your space.

You’re working out at home now but you don’t want to put your safety at risk. You want to clear a designated space for yourself where you can do your workouts safely and efficiently. A spare bedroom, the living room or any space where you don’t have to worry about tripping on anything will do.

Make sure you’re comfortable in your space.  Do you have a mirror so you can see yourself? This is important for things like weight training exercises or any exercises where strength and form is crucial. A mirror also helps you build confidence while you train and see your progress.

2. Pick and choose your battle time.

Are you a morning person or are you at your peak in the evening? Whichever one you are, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is sticking to a set schedule. Working out randomly can interfere with rest time in between workouts which effect growth and development. Also, a home fitness routine will ensure that you have a 24 hour gym open to you at your pleasure.

If you’re a morning person, consider waking up an hour earlier so you can get a good workout in without worrying about time. A morning workout gets your blood circulating and will give you energy throughout the day.

If you’re an evening person, use that energy to get moving. An evening workout is great for working off built up stress that’s accumulated throughout the day. Whether it’s morning or evening, they’re benefits to both.

3. Establish your routine.

This is the fun part. What do you want out of your workout? You would ask yourself this question in a regular gym and the same question needs to be answered at your home gym. Now that you have your designated space and time, this question shouldn’t be hard to answer.

The beautiful thing about home fitness training is you dictate what goes in your gym. So what’s it gonna be for cardio training? Jump rope? Elliptical? Upright exercise bike? Tread climber? It’s all up to you, your space and your budget.

Victory loves preparation so make sure you do your necessary research before committing to a machine. Until then, there’s nothing wrong with calisthenic cardio (jumping jacks, running in place).

How about your strength training? Are you into free weights? Body weight training? Both? They each have benefits. Free weight training can sculpt and strengthen your muscles giving you a defined physique while body weight training relies on using your own body weight for resistance. Both methods are good for your bodies and can be done just as efficiently in your home gym.

A home fitness routine was the best thing I could have done for my busy schedule. I spend more time at home, it’s less stressful, I get a great workout and I’m saving a ton of money.

I like to get family involved when I workout sometimes. It’s fun to get in shape with the people you love. So get a partner in on it with you. The company gives great motivation and keeps you focused on your routine. If you’re loner, set up that play list on your stereo and really get moving.

However you decide to construct your home fitness routine, make sure it’s done for you and your needs.

About the Author

Rahim aka The Homebody decided to take his show on the…living room floor. After realizing how much time, money and energy he saved with home fitness training, he’s never been happier. Always looking for new and exciting ways of staying in shape, he never stops progressing.

Do you have a home fitness routine? What do you have (or wish to have) in your home gym?

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