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3 Great Workouts For Lean Mass

written by Guest Blogger July 11, 2016

The new definition of health is being “lean.” In today’s article, guest blogger, Daisy Croft, explains exactly what lean muscle mass is and why we need to increase it. She also provides us with three workouts to help us achieve this goal!

Your body is made of muscles, tissues and ligaments and bones. It also has:

  • A certain amount of fat – regardless of how fit you are.
  • Lean mass.
  • Water and so on.

There is also a huge difference between body mass and body weight. This is an interesting ‘technical’ aspect to consider because it will help you calculate your lean body mass.

What is lean body mass?

Lean body mass is an important aspect of the composition of your body. Simply put, it is calculated by subtracting your body fat from your body weight. Your body has lean mass and fat in it and you can get your lean mass when you deduct body fat from your body weight.

Many experts believe that going with the lean body mass is a better way to judge fitness levels than body weight per se. In fact, when it comes to checking out metabolic disorders and even designing fitness routines and dietary patterns, it is better to go with lean mass.

For an individual such as you, it does benefit to increase lean mass.

Why increase lean mass?

Before going on to see the top 3 ways in which to increase lean mass, it would be useful to delve into the benefits of lean mass:

  • Better BMR or basal metabolism rate.
  • Increased immunity levels.
  • Stronger bones.
  • Long-term and sustained fitness levels.

One of the best ways in which you can enhance your lean mass is by working out – smartly at that. Here are 3 great workouts that you can do.

A note before you launch into this plan – do check with your fitness trainer on the reps and frequency or intensity with which you should exercise. It is also good to give your body a day of rest between workouts. Divide your body into ‘zones’ and work out each zone by repetition. Within each workout, there are quite a few choices too. So exercise them with caution and commitment.

Your legs

If you want to try working out your legs without weights, then you should try out spin cycling. This activity is all about endurance and strength. You can easily invest in a stationary cycle for yourself and do this exercise at home or in your office too. When it comes to working with gym equipment, you could select between or do all of the following:

  • Lying leg curls.
  • Leg press.
  • Leg extensions.
  • Standing calf rises.
  • Barbell squats.

Your routine should consist of a number of reps and sets. For instance, doing lying leg curls of 15 reps and 4 sets should get your leg muscles really strong in no time whatsoever.

Your shoulders and triceps

Overhead presses are great for your shoulders and triceps. Get a pair of dumbbells – the weight will depend on professional input from your physical trainer – and do lateral raises with them. You can also do a seated dumbbell overhead press. Cable rows are also fabulous for your triceps and shoulders. With an adjustable cable machine, do a cable press down. Another way to use a cable machine is to go with a weighted cable row. A barbell bench press can also get the lean body mass pumped up in your physique.

It is important to pay attention to your lifting or pulling technique and breathing as well. You want to protect your muscles while you carry out these exercises. Most of these exercises entail a certain amount as weights too.

Your aim should be to enhance the weight you can lift gradually and steadily. It is good to remember that you should not get into a competition with people who are leaps and bounds fitter and stronger than you. You might injure yourself trying to lift too much.

Your chest and biceps

One of the workouts you can do with absolutely no equipment is a push up. It exercises almost all your muscles. Plus, you can always do a small number of pushups almost anywhere and at any time of the day!

Biceps curls can be done with:

  • Barbells.
  • Dumbbells.
  • Preacher curl.
  • Other curl machines.

Try varying your grip when you do these exercises. If you do one exercise with your palms facing upwards and towards you, then do another exercise with your palms facing downwards or away from you.

The rope crunch is another fabulous way in which you can work out your chest and biceps. A rope handle is attached to a pulley and you can pull it down towards you as kneel down on the floor. Here again, you can use weights to increase the resistance levels of this workout routine.

In these exercises, your lifts and curls should be done smoothly. Jerking your weights towards or away from you will defeat the purpose of building lean body mass.

The intensity of these workouts and your determination to stick to a routine will determine your success in building lean mass. You can also try the 20 minute fat torching workout which would help losing fat quickly.

About the Author

Daisy Croft is a passionate blogger at http://fitnessgoals.com. She is an experienced fitness article writer who loves writing about yoga, tai-chi, weight lifting, aerobics and natural wellness. She believes in spreading fitness and well-being through her writings.

Are you convinced to build more lean body mass? Will you be trying any of these workouts?

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