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3 Benefits of Keeping a Personal Health Journal

written by Guest Blogger June 8, 2011

If you struggle with adopting a healthy lifestyle, guest blogger, Donna Reish, just might have a solution for us! Read on for some good reasons to start a health and nutrition journal.

I’m first and foremost a writer; I consider myself to be a writer because I can’t stop writing. It’s almost as though it’s what I was made to do. Because of this, I’m adamant about the importance of keeping a writing journal always by my side. A writing journal allows me to record my ideas, plan out my projects and reflect on my past experiences. My writing journal has helped me immensely in my pursuit to become a better writer.

This success has got me thinking that journals could easily be applied to other areas of my life. After all, many others use journals for a variety of things. People keep dream journals. People keep prayer journals and travel diaries. People who run or exercise keep workout journals.

And people also keep nutrition/health journals, as some of my friends will proudly attest to doing. They say that keeping a nutrition and health journal is important. Here’s why:

Control and Self-Awareness

Essentially, by tracking your daily health and nutrition habits, you assert control over your own health. You focus your efforts at improving this health, and it allows you to become more self-aware as a healthy person. This is extremely important, because many health problems arise because we aren’t aware of them.

For example, the trend in health care now is that we seek out help only after we’ve had a health problem. We don’t often make use of preventative methods. Well, the mere act of filling out entries in your nutrition/health journal is a preventative method.

Nutrition/Health Track Record

Secondly, a nutrition/health journal provides a track record of your personal health that can be as detailed as you would like it to be. Think of how your physician keeps a medical history of all his patients, including you. This journal is your own personal health history. And, if needed, you can bring it in to your doctor if a health issue does arise, so that your doctor can see what you’ve done in the past regarding your health.

Every bit of information helps when we consider our health: in your nutrition/health journal you’ll be recording anything from your daily food intake and exercise routines to weight and even resting heart rate!


Although keeping a nutrition/health journal might seem like a lot of work, once you’ve committed to it for awhile, it can actually be a huge source of inspiration and self-confidence. Yes, it will take some time to see positive results of this health journal; however, when those results do show up, you can take pride in knowing that, with the help of your journal, you lost so many pounds over six months and dropped your resting heart rate so many beats per minute.

You’ll be able to see your self-control improve as you drop certain kinds of junk food and begin eating healthier. Inspiration builds up your will, which in turn can build up your sources of inspiration, leading to a cycle of healthy living!

About the Author

Donna Reish, a freelancer who blogs about best universities, contributed this guest post.  She loves to write education, career, frugal living, finance, health, parenting relating articles. She can be reached via email at: donna.reish13@gmail.com.

Hmm… I’m definitely considering trying this approach out. There has been a study to prove keeping food diaries work (read Why Food Diaries Work). Do you keep a health and nutrition journal?

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Matthew Mikolow June 8, 2011 at 11:46 am

I’ve used a journal forever it seems so you didn’t have to convince me, but I completely agree with what you wrote. I’m very much like you I love to write as well. Keep up the good work =)

Donna Reish June 9, 2011 at 4:28 pm

Hey Matthew, I’m glad you didn’t need convincing, but I’m also glad that you’ve found journaling to be incredibly useful! Thanks for the kind note!

Jenn Brigole June 10, 2011 at 11:09 am

Keeping a dairy to keep track of your health is better than always using the weighing scale. It inspires and motivates you the right way, without being your own worst critique. Plus, I do it to have some smirk here and there because of how my handwriting looks like. 🙂


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