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3 Benefits of Aluminum Recycling

written by Guest Blogger February 19, 2016

Not only are we responsible for our own health, we are responsible for our own individual contribution to the health of our planet. In today’s guest post, Jeremy Collins of DoRecycling.com, shares with us a few benefits of recycling our aluminum.   

Recycling overall is one of the best habits that you can take up because it not only helps you be more environmentally conscious, but it can also be a great way of how you can start living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. But there are materials out there that are especially important to recycle because their decomposition time is very long and the recycling of them can save us a lot of important resources. And one of these materials is aluminum.

So let me tell you 3 of the most important benefits of recycling aluminum.

1. Saves resources like space in landfills and electricity

The first and most obvious benefit that any recycling, but especially aluminum, is that by recycling aluminum you will have a positive effect on the environment. The truth behind aluminum recycling is that it not only eliminates the problem of aluminum accumulation in landfills (the decomposition time of aluminum is a couple of hundred years during which it just lies there piling up) but the process of recycling aluminum also saves a lot of resources.

For example, recycling aluminum cans like soda cans rather than making them from virgin materials can save you millions of watts of electricity. In fact recycling only one aluminum can saves so much electricity that you can power a 100 watt lamp for a few hours on that saved energy so imagine how much electricity and other resources we save recycling all of our aluminum drink and food cans.

2. It is an easy way to get kids involved with recycling

Recycling of things such as aluminum cans is also the perfect and easy way to get your kids more involved with recycling and teach them to recycle. Because aluminum cans take up a lot of space when they are empty, we usually try to squash them so that they are smaller and we can actually store them somewhere in our house. But why not buy an aluminum can crusher and let your kids do it?

It will not only be fun for them because they get to crush things but you won’t have to do it yourself! On top of that, they will get into the habit of recycling the aluminum cans and learn that recycling is something they should continue to do even when they grow up and start living their own lives. I would say that it is a win-win situation.

3. Earns money for those who recycle aluminum

And lastly you can even earn money by recycling aluminum. You’ve probably heard that you can get money for giving scrap metal to a junkyard, and since aluminum is a metal, the same goes for giving aluminum to a recycling facility. As of now the price for 1 pound of aluminum is around 70 cents and even though this price fluctuates from week to week you can still get a decent amount of money if you collect your aluminum for a few months. And who doesn’t like to get money for something as simple as collecting your aluminum drink cans when they are empty instead of throwing them away?

About the Author

My name is Jeremy Collins and I created and now am the main editor of my website DoRecycling.com. I believe that living a green lifestyle in not only beneficial to us but actually can do good things for the environment, so I try and encourage others, too, to start living a little greener.

Do you have any benefits of aluminum recycling to add to this list?

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