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21 Ways to Access Heaven

written by Head Health Nutter January 7, 2009

Are you looking for peace, fulfillment and ever-lasting happiness? The end to pain and suffering? What if I told you Heaven was here on Earth and that you had the power to access it at your whim?

This is what Eckhart Tolle teaches in The Power of Now. By being in the moment and fully accepting it for what it is, without judgement or criticism, you can raise your energy to a heavenly level. You can train your mind through Conscious Living in order to reach this state of being at anytime, regardless of the chaos, noise or touble surrounding you.

Here are 21 ways to practise conscious living:

  1. Deep Breathing. There are tons of deep breathing exercises to learn so that you can bring awareness into your body, and therefore into the Now.
  2. Focus on the Moment. Activate all your senses and really feel what you are experiencing.
  3. Stretch. Another way to become aware of the body.
  4. Meditation. Of any kind! Other than these 6 types of meditation from Buzzle.com, there’s breath meditation, fire watching, writing, chanting, sound meditation… the list is endless.
  5. Create!
  6. Practice Acceptance. When you’re unhappy, you’re resisting the Now because you’re judging the past or worrying about the future. If you believe that everything happens for a reason because there’s a bigger picture to consider, then you can easily accept that the Now just is and has to be to move you forward.
  7. Physical Activity/Exercise.
  8. Music. Rhythm and beats activate the soul. Try listening, singing, dancing to, and creating it.
  9. Feel Compassion. Recognize that we’re all in this together. Everyone, regardless of their life situation, fights demons and experiences pain and suffering. When we live unconsciously, we are simply reacting to these feelings and do not consciously chose our behaviour.
  10. Play.
  11. Correct your Posture.
  12. Feel Gratitude. Look at everything you love about life. Be thankful for it!
  13. Detoxify. You know that saying, “Cleanliness in next to Godliness”? It’s true! Cleansing your body, mind, soul and environment helps you access heaven more easily.
  14. Perform a juice fast. This one isn’t for everyone. Please consult a health professional first.
  15. Get into Nature.
  16. Hang out with youngin’s, Babies and young people (and animals) live in the Now. They don’t have a past or a future, or a thinking mind that gets all caught up in itself. They are free to enjoy life fully.
  17. Feel Love. When conjuring up this feeling, try not to picture any person, pet or thing to help you. Simply pay homage to this sacred feeling.
  18. Be a martial artist. Just like Jujutsu, a martial art that teaches students to use their attacker’s strength against them rather than directly opposing, you can use your negativity to your advantage. Any negativity (thoughts, feelings, behaviours, cravings, etc.) is a sign to get conscious again.
  19. Intentional Statements. A.k.a. affirmations. My fav is: “Everything I need I have within me Now.” Tony Robbins.
  20. Design Personal Systems. Be on the lookout for what brings you down and discover easy ways to snap you out of that state. This list is just a few. A friend recently told me that he’s trained his mind to switch back into consciousness by simply saying a single word!
  21. Hang Out with Other Conscious Folks. You won’t find too many energy vampires lurking in this crowd. This is a very giving group because they produce their own energy through consciousness. They are abundant because they feel abundant. And they are generous because they know they will always have what they need. These are very good friends, indeed.

So conscious living may be fairly out there for some people. What do you all think of it? And if you believe in it, have experienced it for yourself, then what are some of your ways to access heaven?

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