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20+ Gift Ideas for Health Nuts

written by Head Health Nutter December 16, 2010

Nine more days until stores close for the holidays and if you’re anything like me, you’ve barely started shopping! Following tradition, here is a list of gift ideas to help those buying for health nuts and for health nut readers, consider these ideas for your wish list.

We’re celebrating our 4th holiday season here on Live Lighter and after today’s hefty list, we’ll have shared 52 gift ideas for health nuts!


Except for the Magic Bullet, I still stand by every item listed from holiday’s past:

In today’s list, we’ve gone more massive and a little broader. Included are also a few stocking stuffer ideas, and gifts which may appeal to more than just the health nut on your list:

  1. The Energy Cure. ($13-$16) This book really got to me! It’s for everyone interested in healing and intuitively knows we all have latent healing abilities. Stay tuned for this Saturday’s video post where I’ll introduce you to the book and it’s author, William Bengston, who takes hands-on healing into the lab and gets unbelievable results. For Canadians, you’ll need to buy the copy titled, Chasing the Cure (click this link to buy, it’s the same book but edited a bit differently).
  2. Hands-On Healing: A Training Course in the Energy Cure. ($45-$49) If your health nut is more into healing than reading, then consider investing in this audio training course, a follow up to The Energy Cure. I’ve listened to all 6 CDs once through and have gone back to the middle where William Bengston starts teaching the method (the first half recounts his story and research found in the book). Stay tuned for an upcoming review post in 2011 but I can assure you now, this training course is worth the money for anyone who feels healing is a part of their life path. Buy it on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com.
  3. Sokenbicha Tea (price: unknown, here’s a FB coupon, tho!). Only available in select Whole Foods Markets in the U.S., if you see any Sokenbicha on your grocery shelves, make sure to pick up at least one or two to stuff in your health nut’s stocking. All five teas are refreshing and natural-tasting, and the company is doing good for the planet! Here’s my review and giveaway contest posts for added info. Find a Whole Foods Market in your U.S. neighbourhood.
  4. How to Thrive in Changing Times. ($10-$13) Another book that’s changed my life! It’s a spiritual guidebook with practical exercises to help you create a life of health, wealth, peace and joy. Read my book review for more info and for an interesting perspective on (and tips for) 2012, please read my recent interview with the author, Sandra Ingerman. Canadians, click to purchase the book at Amazon.ca and Americans, here’s the Amazon.com purchase link.
  5. Dark Chocolate. ($3-$20) I think we can all agree that dark chocolate is healthy and according to some, a health food! Whether it’s a bar for a stocking or an entire box as a gift, avoid buying chocolate that has undergone Dutch processing and lists more than half unpronounceable ingredients. For newbie health nuts, choose chocolate with about 60% cocoa and for hard-core health nuts, go all the way up to 85%.
  6. Spice Up Your Life. ($14-$18) I got this book last year and used it so often throughout 2010 that I’m positive your health nut will love it, too! Read my review to find out more about it and meet the author, Bindu Grandhi, in our 2-part interview or as our featured guest blogger. Canadians can purchase the cookbook at Amazon.ca and Americans on Amazon.com.
  7. Stevia. ($10-$50) This natural sweetener is ideal for the diabetics on your gift list and also for the health nuts who love their sweets. The sweetness in stevia comes come its phytochemicals and has little to no effect on the pancreas or causes no adverse blood sugar reaction. It’s very sweet so a little goes a long way. I’ve picked it up at both my local bulk foods store and natural health store.
  8. Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 4th edition. ($20-$22) Again, this book is one of those indispensable guidebooks that every health nut should have an updated version of and thankfully, the latest edition is now available! Stay tuned for a review post in 2011 but until then, find out more about this natural health encyclopedia on the Live Lighter contest posts. Buy it on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com.
  9. M2 Personal Health Coach. ($149-$159) If you’ve got someone on your list who wants to lose weight OR get fitter, thrives on a ton of support, likes a gadget to tell them what to do and wants to track their progress easily, then MyTrak’s M2 is the perfect gift! Here’s a little more info about the M2 as well as my review. My cousin gave this to me last year as a Christmas gift and it helped a great deal in the beginning – unfortunately, I stopped using it when my belt clip fell off and while waiting for a replacement, I moved which threw my routine right off. I can’t blame the tool for this. But lucky me, my cousin is asking if I’d like another year’s subscription and I’ve heard MyTrak has made some improvements so I’d like to give it a try! You can order it on their website and to make the most of the gift, I suggest at least two accessories: belt clip (matching colour with added security string/clip) and M2 heart rate belt.
  10. Overweight: What Kids Say. (free-$12) This book is perfect for those who have an overweight/obese family member or friend, or anyone who’s interested in hearing a viable theory of what’s causing the current obesity epidemic. Read my book review here and when you’re ready to purchase, go to Weigh2Rock.com.
  11. itunes Gift Certificate. ($?) Music is a motivator, it pumps us up for physical activity and can be very handy in de-stressing (as we’ve often talked about here on Live Lighter). Usually $10 will buy an album and since so many people have mp3 players these days, I feel electronic versions are the way to go.
  12. Death By Medicine. ($12) Another great book for health nuts, especially those who intuitively know today’s medicine is deeply flawed and often more dangerous than natural medicine. Written by the infamous Dr. Gary Null and colleagues, the book boldly claims conventional medicine is America’s #1 killer. It’s packed full of research that has never been compiled together to tell the whole story. Read more about it in my book review.
  13. POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice. ($4-$20) Considering it’s the holidays and Sunday’s post included a recipe for a Holiday Cosmo-POM-itan, your health nut will certainly appreciate a small bottle in their stocking or a bigger bottle all wrapped up – that is, if you can manage wrapping a womanly-shaped bottle! POM Wonderful juices (click here for more info, especially its health benefits) and teas are sold widely throughout North America. In Toronto, I’ve seen it in my local Loblaws, Metro, Rabba and FreshCo.
  14. Carbon Electron Carrying Pad. ($7) This is one of the very few gift ideas on this list that I haven’t personally tried myself yet but wanted to add it here because it’s just so cool. It’s a grounding technology which promises to reduce your exposure to radiation while you’re in front of the computer or TV. I heard about it from natural health expert, David Wolfe, and blogged about it here. I thought for $7, how could you go wrong trying it out? You might find them at a medical supplies outlet in your area.
  15. Delivering Happiness. ($13-$22) Tony Hseih, CEO of Zappos, has weaved his story of profits, passion and purpose into a single book. He’s got many lessons to share with all types of people, including health nuts, and I highly recommend a copy for those on your gift list who seek health, wealth and wisdom. Here’s my book review and when you’re ready to buy, Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.
  16. ZoneAlarm Computer Protection. ($30-$40) I understand this one’s a little strange and might rank up there with a new vacuum but like we blogged about earlier this year, a good defense system makes a healthy computer. Try ZA Pro or ZA Extreme Security packages if you decide to take the leap on this one (it’s not a sure bet like the rest of the gifts listed here).
  17. Food Matters Documentary. ($5-$25) Here’s another idea that I haven’t personally experienced myself but I’m hoping either my Honey, friends or a family member will read this and know that I’d really appreciate it as a gift (hint hint). This documentary uncovers the “sickness industry” and suggests that we’re chronically malnourished with our typical western diets. Check out my synopsis and the trailer here. You can stream it for $5 or buy the DVD for $25.
  18. Blendtec Blender. ($350-$1,000) If your health nut loves their smoothies and green detox drinks, and you have the money to spend, one of last year’s guest bloggers suggested Blendtec is the Best Blender for Detox Drinks. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, I still love my beehive Oster (retailing for about $80).
  19. Essential Feng Shui. ($5) This little handbook (published in 1999) has been very useful in helping us organize and decorate our new home. It is perfect for beginners who wish to increase their energy flow through their environment. The information in both our recent posts “What is Chi?” and “What’s Yin & Yang?” came directly from this book and this is just the basic knowledge behind Feng Shui! Stay tuned for a post in 2011 from a Feng Shui expert. If you’re ready to buy, Amazon.ca and Amazon.com are offering it for next to nothing.
  20. Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days Documentary. ($30-$50) This is the 3rd item on this list that I want to try but haven’t had a chance to yet (hint hint!). This will be a great DVD gift for both the diabetics and the health nuts (especially those who are interested in the raw food movement) on your gift list this year. It’s an independent documentary that chronicles six Americans with `incurable’ diabetes as they switch their diet and get off their insulin. Here’s the trailer, find more about it here and purchase it at their online store.

Hopefully this extensive list of gift ideas will help you ease your stress about finding the “right” gift for your health nuts, diabetics or other peeps you’d like to buy for this year.

What are some of the products you’ve tried this year that you’d recommend to others?

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