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16+ Gift Ideas for Health Nuts

written by Head Health Nutter December 17, 2012

Christmas is just a little more than a week away… have you got any health nuts on your list you haven’t bought for yet? Well your answer just might be here in Live Lighter’s annual gift ideas for health nuts!

Before we get into this year’s gift ideas, check out 2010’s 20+ Gift Ideas for Health Nuts. Not only does it have it’s own ideas, but it also includes links to lists from previous years – which just may reveal the perfect gift for your health nut. Note: we didn’t post holiday gift ideas in 2011.

Here are 17 gift ideas for health nuts (and maybe others on your list):

  1. The Laws of Love by Chris Prentiss. ($12.95) This book teaches readers what unconditional love looks like and how to be truly committed to a love relationship. Light, spiritual and full of amazing, practical information, I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in learning about healthy relationships. Read my review to find out more.
  2. Meditation on the Perfect You, audio CD. ($9.95) Also by Chris Prentiss, this meditation was included in The Laws of Love but in written format. I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to read and meditate at the same time – it’s challenging to say the least! So I got me this CD and have been meditating to it for 4 days now. I love it. They don’t currently offer it in MP3 format and if you’re Canadian, it’ll cost you $20 for shipping (buy it from fishpond.com for free shipping but it’ll take about 3-4 weeks). If you want this gift for your health nut, I’d suggest creating a pretty I.O.U. so they can open something at Christmas.
  3. Debt-Free Forever by Gail Vaz-Oxlade. ($20-ish) If you read my book review, you’ll find out exactly how this book has helped me finish cleaning up the financial mess I got myself into years ago and how it’s different from other books like it. You even have time to order it online through Amazon or Indigo!
  4. Moringa Oleifera Tea. ($13.95 for a box of 24 bags) Lauded by Dr. Oz, I had a chance to try this tea in the summer. It was delicious and I even made some iced tea out of it (read my review and recipe). It’s got some amazing health benefits and they offer a ton of other products using Moringa, like essential oils.
  5. Skechers GOrun runners. ($80) Sporting barefoot technology, these runners are awesome! Check out my review for why I say this, and just know that I wear mine every chance I get – actually, wearing them gives me an excuse to get out! Buy them on either their American or Canadian websites.
  6. The Art of Flourishing by Dr. JeffreyRubin. ($16) Written by a psychotherapist, this is a much denser, fact-filled book on how to develop healthy relationships, especially a love relationship. Find out more in my book review and interview with the author. It’s meatier than The Laws of Love (which is a more to-the-point, spiritual book), so if your health nut is a reader and intellectual, they will appreciate this book more. Get it on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.
  7. Women Who Think Too Much by Dr. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema. ($14) Do you have a loved one who over-thinks a lot? They might talk about certain subjects over and over again, and may display obsessive behaviours, too, like drinking. This book helped me become more self-aware and provides easy methods to help over-thinkers. Read more about it in my review and buy it on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com.
  8. Dinner in the dark. ($32-39, plus beverages and gratuities) Yes, that’s right. There are restaurants in the world (O.NOIR) where you can dine in complete darkness, whereby losing your sense of sight is supposed to enhance your sense of taste. Some of the proceeds go to local charities for the visually impaired. Read more about my experience in my review. This will only be a good gift if you live in or near a city with such a restaurant. In Canada, we have them in Toronto and Montreal. Google to see if there’s one near you!
  9. Small Message, Big Impact by Terri Sjodan. ($22-30) This book is about persuasive communication. If your health nut is looking for employment or has a specific message, like wishing to convince their kids to eat veggies or have others care about the Earth as much as they do, this might be the perfect book for them. Read my book review to better gauge whether or not it’ll fit your health nut’s needs.
  10. Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 5th edition. ($30-35) In this latest edition, it unites the best of age-old remedies, twenty-first century science and today’s emerging health news; I call it my “health bible.” If your health nut is all about natural healing and taking personal responsibility for their health, then this is a must buy! They will love being able to look up any illness or disease for themselves or loved ones, and find drug-free remedies using vitamins, minerals, herbs and food supplements. Here’s my book review for more information.
  11. Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master in Life and Business by Stefan Swanepoel. ($21.95) A short story (about a 3-hour read), this is an entertaining story with wisdom spun throughout. The story illustrates 7 skills and explains how it’s relevant for both life and business, and shows us how to apply the knowledge and maximize each skill. Here’s my book review to determine whether or not it’s for your health nut.
  12. Embrace, Release, Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About, and Treating Cancer by Leigh Fortson. ($16.95) If your health nut is facing cancer or has a loved one that’s been diagnosed, then this is definitely the book to get for them. Leigh is a cancer survivor and had challenges healing herself until she researched the subject and interviewed a ton of health professionals. She gets down to the root of the illness and how to heal using holistic, natural methods. It is filled with real-life stories, information, practical tools and a litany of resources. Here’s the book review for more information.
  13. Do It Or Age Quickly: 60 Second Practices to Live Better, Stronger and Longer by JB Berns. ($19.95) Here’s a great buy for health nuts that have fallen off the health wagon because their life is too busy. The author is a celebrity trainer and has a ton of interesting health habits to form that only take 60 seconds each. Read more about the book in my review
  14. Beeswax Candles. ($8 – $90) Any health nut would be ecstatic to receive a beeswax candle for the holidays as they are completely natural, non-toxic, non-allergenic and they actually clean the air of impurities! Here’s my product review for more information.     
  15. The Beauty Blueprint by Michelle Phillips. ($14.95) If your health nut seems a little lost these days, you might want to consider picking up this book for them. It’s about discovering your true, inner beauty through finding out who you are and what you want. It also helps you create the perfect look so that your outer beauty matches what’s within you! It’s loaded with a ton of practical exercises to help you through this discovery process. Although I haven’t written a book review just yet, check out my blog post, When Enough is Enough, for an example of how it’s been helping me. 
  16. A Healing Session from Maureen Minnehan Jones. ($150) Like Leigh Fortson, Maureen Minnehan Jones (author of Wisdom to Wellness) believes that unhealed emotional trauma is the root of all our illness and disease. Again, I have yet to review her book on Live Lighter but I did experience one of her healing sessions 2 summers ago which I believe really helped me through the most toughest time in my life so far. Although the session was over Skype, I actually FELT the healing. The rest of that week, faced with numerous and potentially debilitating circumstances, I overcame them all and actually excelled. I mentioned it in my blog post, Rollin’ With the Punches.  

So that’s the Live Lighter gift idea list for this year. I hope you’ve found at least one idea your health nuts will absolutely go bonkers over.

Do you have any books or products you came across in 2012 that you think others might benefit from reading or using?           

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