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10 Technological Wonders for Weight Loss & Health

written by Guest Blogger August 19, 2014

This is the technological age and there are many benefits that come with it. Although some may argue that technology has created a less healthy, less active society, I believe like most things in this world, it comes down to HOW it is used. Today guest blogger, Jared Hill, shares with us a few ways in which technology has the power to help us become healthier and more active!

Bones’ tricorder on Star Trek was so novel a medical device that it seemed like the stuff of science fiction in the 1960s. However, with advances in technology, there are many devices today that medical workers, patients, and fitness aficionados use that can help lose weight, track nutrition, and even get you fit with the aid of a virtual fitness coach.

Many are available on smartphones as apps, but some come as next generation smart devices that work in conjunction with a phone or tablet. The future is set to explode with potential new methods to increase health awareness, treat medical conditions, and network specialists with those people that need them at a touch of a screen – as telemedicine pioneer Jay Sanders says, for health care to evolve in tandem with our technologically advanced lifestyles, “we need to bring the exam room to where the patients are.”

Doctors and medical specialists are especially excited about the future of personal medical technology, as HealthITjobs.com’s blog explains:

“The new surge of health, fitness and nutrition apps make communicating with your primary care provider much easier and can even provide them new information that they previously could not obtain. This allows individuals to monitor their own health in ways we have never seen before so the potential for improving preventative care is tremendous.”

Better understanding of a patient’s habits and fitness lifestyle is, for obvious reasons, integral in improving healthcare. But to get to that point, smartphone and tablet users must first wade through the hundreds of self-tracking medical and fitness apps available. We’ve looked into some of the best below:

Top 10 Best Diet and Fitness to Catapult You into the Future

Instead of keeping track of calories on the back of an envelope or even in a spreadsheet, get ready to modernize your approach to diet and fitness with these clever technological solutions:

  1. LoseIt – This app helps you count calories and set a weight loss goal no matter where you are and throughout the day. There is a free version and a paid premium version: LoseIt Premium works with the FitBit Flex bracelet to adjust the calorie count demands when you include more activity in your day.
  2. Fitbit Flex Bracelet – This smart device works in conjunction with weight loss apps (as mentioned above) to track physical activity and calories lost during the day using a wearable bracelet.
  3. MyFitnessPal – This on-the-go food journal knows the calorie counts of a practically any food you want to eat, and it’s totally free. You can log your food intake, as well as your exercise expenditure, to better track your overall calorie and weight loss.
  4. Fitness Buddy – This app is like having a personal trainer on speed dial. Fitness Buddy will show you different exercises to target different parts of the body where you’d like strengthen, tone, and build your muscle mass. You can even change the custom plan it serves up to focus on a specific muscle group. Right now, the app boasts over 1000 exercises and 50 workout plans – all with easy to view animations.
  5. SuperFoods – Most people know that true health is more than exercise; it’s about what you fuel your body with – and if you have an iPhone, you can use the Superfoods app to discover which foods are high in nutrition and able to supercharge your system. This is also good for people trying to supplement their diet due to conditions like cancer, diabetes, food allergies or more – all of which can impact and change nutritional needs.
  6. Nutrino – If you want more direction in terms of meal planning, you can use Nutrino. It will customize meal plans based on your personal nutritional needs and even takes into account medical conditions. It can also customize the menu based on fitness and weight loss goals. And if that wasn’t enough, after it builds the menu, Nutrino will create the grocery list for you!
  7. My Diet Coach – This app is like a cheering squad for weight loss. It will help you devise games and motivate you with virtual rewards for hitting diet goals. It gives you advice when you miss goals, as well.
  8. Low Fat Recipes – Another Apple app for the iPhone or iPad. As the name suggests, this app will help you figure out what’s for dinner by offering low fat recipe suggestions. You can also ask it to make them diabetic-friendly or easy to do. You can ask for a recipe for a specific ingredient, as well.
  9. Noom Cardio – This app will track activity and your heart rate goals when you use it in conjunction Polar’s Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Noom Cardio is best for people trying to reach specific aerobic activity during their workouts, since it can also track various types of cardio to more accurately reflect your cardio burn.
  10. Diabetes Breathalyser – While not an app, and not specifically designed to lose weight, it deserves a special mention as the type of medical devices that tie into fitness. This breathalyzer works by measuring the acetone levels in the breath to track blood glucose levels. As an alternative to pin prick technology, it is an advancement that makes staying healthy a much more pleasant experience.

About the Author 

Jared Hill is a freelance blogger who specializes in health, technology, sports and music. Please follow him on Twitter @JaredHIll341.

Have you tried any of these technological wonders? Tell us about your experience!

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