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10 Practical Strategies for Healthy Weight-Loss

written by Head Health Nutter September 10, 2008

Earlier this week I came across this fabulous Canadian Living article, “Practical Weight-Loss Strategies,” that I just had to share with you. It’s written by Kelly Anne Erdman, a registered dietician who helps people take control over their lives through healthier living. Right up Live Lighter’s alley!

I won’t bother reiterating the article but please take 10 minutes to review it as I believe it’s all very sound advice. There are a few items on the list that are debatable, though, and thought them worthwhile to discuss.

For instance, #4 on the list suggests accompanying meals with water. As you know, I’m currently on an elimination diet. My Naturopathic Doctor suggested that I avoid consuming water ½ an hour before, during and an hour after eating. According to the ND and other sources, water dilutes the enzymes in the stomach, along with stomach acid, needed to properly digest the food. However, this effect may only affect those with digestive problems.

As for #6, Ms. Erdman lists several low glycemic snacks, such as fruit and vegetables. But as far as I know, the ones she listed are simple and complex carbohydrates, which still have relatively high glycemic indexes. She does not mention combining these carbs with a protein source to further lower the glycemic index and I have to wonder why.

I love #7, Don’t Count Calories, as this was the no stress way that I lost weight. Her reasons jive with me but several of my good friends feel that counting calories helps them stay on track and in control. This suggestion, I believe, should be left up to personal choice and whatever works for the individual.

Number 8 is a great suggestion, in that she suggests to we identify our three biggest challenges in achieving weight-loss. I never thought of this during my weight-loss pursuits and it probably would have helped me a lot to be aware of them. I still snack while I’m preparing meals, which doesn’t help digestion because then I’m standing while I eat.

I also whole-heartedly agree with keeping a food diary, although I did not use one to accomplish my weight-loss goals. However, I see the value in keeping a food and fluid journal as I used this method to take control of my finances. By tracking how I was using my money, I become aware of my spending habits. By doing so, I was able to figure out a budget and find where I could cut unnecessary costs.

What do you think, Readers? Have you tried any of the strategies Ms. Erdman suggests and how did they work for you? And what do you think about any of the above questioned points?

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