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10 Habits To Improve Your Productivity

written by Guest Blogger December 30, 2015

Here’s the perfect article for all those who plan on making new 2016 goals! When you want to achieve a goal, the trickiest part is fitting in the time on a consistent basis to get you to that goal. Keep reading for productivity tips from today’s guest blogger, Laura Jonson. 

The first piece of good advice for productivity is to be a happy and positive person. People should see you with a smile on your face more often than they see you with a frown. People with grey clouds hanging over their heads during the day are in no fit condition to be productive.

Here are ten more ways you may make yourself more productive:

1. Setting Deadlines

Ever notice how people become more productive and active when their time is nearly up? From students cramming the night before exams, to people rushing a project at work at the last minute, people always seem to spring into action when the deadline is approaching. Set your own arbitrary deadlines and when they approach you will become more productive without the need to rush.

Who takes a break when a deadline arrives? A call center worker.

2. Timing Yourself 

If you time yourself, you’re not only exposing how fast or slow you are — you are also giving yourself an insight into your production rate and efficiency. Maybe you’re not being unproductive in the technical sense; maybe it’s your efficiency that needs a little tune up. If this is true, are you wasting time somewhere? Be creative and find ways to be more organized or to achieve the same output with less steps.

A suicidal man was so depressed about his bad timing, that he threw himself behind a train.

3. Competing with Other People

Healthy competition is good for you. The other person doesn’t even need to know you are competing! You can push yourself a little harder while being safe in the knowledge that it can be done because another person has already achieved it. Plus, sometimes it helps to expose cases of procrastination, which is a habit that hinders productivity.

They should have one regular person compete in every Olympic event…for reference.

4. Healthy Habits Will Improve Productivity

Good health is key to being productive. People with poor health will often find it harder to be productive. That is not to say that poor health is an excuse not to work, in the same way that having bad teeth isn’t an excuse not to eat. The point is that you should avoid ill health at all costs so there is one less barrier to your productivity.

Like Adam and Eve said, “An apple a day…”

5. Get into the Habit of Talking Yourself Up

The amount of people that pull themselves down on an almost regular basis is both distressing and sad. You do not have to be arrogant or overconfident. You simply have to believe in your ability to persevere. You may have got it wrong 3000+ times (like Edison with the light bulb), but catch yourself in negative self-talk. Instead, tell yourself that you will learn from your mistakes until you get it right.

Try to be like a hydrogen atom that has lost an electron — stay positive.

6. Purposefully Improve Yourself

“Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” (Émile Coué). Call it autosuggestion, or call it a philosophical mantra. Call it whatever you like so long as you work towards improving yourself. Do not just improve your productivity, also improve your knowledge, your health, your family life, negative habits and sleep routine. If every day you work to become better, then the only way is up.

Buy clothes that are two sizes too big so that people compliment you on how much weight you have lost.

7. Always Leave Work Exactly on Time

Great leaders are often able to get out of work right on time. They do not work late because they don’t need to! They work hard to get all their tasks completed on time so that they can leave on time. If there was ever a good motivator for being productive, getting out on time is one of them.

One time I left work so late that my boss complimented me on being early.

8. Avoid Social Media at Work (editor’s note: unless it’s part of your job!)

This is not an assault on social media, but one has to point out that social media is a time vampire. It is very easy to get lost in the variety and fun that social media holds. At the very least, you need to get into the habit of “not” checking your social media profiles and accounts when you want to get some work done and be productive.

Social media is everywhere and is making people lazier, if you agree, click “Like.”

9. Take Set Breaks

This is vitally important both to remain productive and healthy. Overworked people and people that push themselves beyond their limits are often host to a number of health issues that form a negative feedback loop. These people become more ill, so they become less productive, so they have to work harder and miss more breaks.

My boss ordered me to work through my lunch break. I stood up, hollered his name, followed by several expletives. Then I sat down and replied to his email with, “No problem, Boss.”

10. Plan Every Day in Detail

There are plenty of students that have to call upon the talents of Assignment Masters because they have not planned their essays correctly. Plan both the content of your project, and the amount of time it is going to take you. Proper planning, with deadlines and intimate details, will help you identify times when you are “not” being productive. It can help you tune up your process while still meeting your deadlines.

Why did Star Wars’ episodes 1, 2 and 3 come after episodes 4, 5 and 6? Because head of planning Yoda was.

About the Author 

Laura Jonson is a creative writer and self-development expert. Today she is working for coursework help source AssignmentMasters. But in the nearest future she is going to launch her own blog dedicated to motivation and self-development.

Do you have any productivity tips to share with us for the new year? 

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