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10 Gift Ideas for Health Nuts

written by Head Health Nutter December 15, 2008

If you had any success with last year’s post, Top 10 Gifts for a Health Nut, then hang on to your Santa hat!

You’ve got a little over a week left to shop so here are 10 more gift ideas that might suit your particular health nut and fit your budget.

  1. Giant Stability Ball ($40 – $400). I’ve had the Bally Total Fitness 22″ ball for a number of years and absolutely love it for exercising. It’s great for toning because you need extra balance to actually stay on the ball. So if your health nut doesn’t have one of these, I highly suggest one! This year on my wish list, I have a 32″ ball to sit on at work. I’m dying for better posture at work!
  2. Natural Bath & Body Products ($5 – $40). Now that I know a little more about the dangerous chemicals in most skin care products, I’ve started investing a little more into natural products. So far I’ve tried Nature‚Äôs Gate Rainwater Organics and at the very least their hand cream rocks. There’s a slight stickiness to it but when it totally dries, it’s great. I’d like to try Consonant Body Organic Skin Care next.
  3. Yoga Wear ($25 – $100). I live in my yoga wear. Absolutely love it. I don’t know one health nut who doesn’t! I prefer a 95% cotton, polyester blend so it breathes well but keeps it’s shape. Blue Guru is a really good line of yoga clothing and reasonably priced for the amount of wear you get out of it.
  4. Tea Tree Oil ($20). Generally, this price is for 2 oz. Sounds expensive but you only use this potent oil by the drop. It’s Nature multi-tasking at it’s best! Tea tree oil is an antiseptic, germicide, anti-bacteria and fungicide. Perfect for neutralizing the bacteria that cause acne, gargle warm water and a few drops to take care of a sore throat, and you can even use it to make homemade, safe-for-you cleaning products! Knowing this, use with caution – the pure stuff can be as harmful as it is healing.
  5. Ice Joggers ($20). For traction in icy, snowy conditions, this toe rubber fits over runners and will have your health nut sweating even in the coldest weather. I know it’s hard to believe, but that’s what they want to do!
  6. Any of The “You” series ($20). Written by Doc Oz and Doc Roizen (Oprah’s fav doctors), the “You” series consists of 3 different books that will have you giggling throughout as you learn about how the body works. Using tons of cutsie metaphors, the docs teach readers how to get healthier and younger – and stay there! These are great books for both beginner health nuts and advanced, too.
  7. Therapeutic massage ($50 – $100). Your health nut will surely appreciate a massage for the holidays with all of its known health benefits. Heck, who wouldn’t appreciate a nice relaxing massage to compensate for the stress of the holidays? I know I’d love one… hint hint, Honey?
  8. The Magic Bullet Blender ($99). To be honest, I haven’t tried this “magical” food preparation tool, yet. But I got one for Christmas so I’ll be trying it out very soon. I’ve scanned the manual, which includes a bunch of tips in how to make it versatile and scads of 10 second recipes, including smoothies, dips and main meals. The marketing around it suggests that it’ll make healthy food preparation fast and easy with little clean up. Ya, can’t wait to this puppy out.
  9. Sand Balls ($11.95). These hand weights are really handy (ha ha) for health nuts who’ve hit the advanced pilates stage.
  10. Enema Kit ($30 – $45). Ok, not the most romantic gift but if your health nut is into cleansing and detoxing, this present will probably mean a lot to them! You can get these kits at most pharmacies so they’re easier to find than you might think. The only problem you might run into is maybe embarrassing small talk with the checkout person.

That makes 10 gift ideas for the health nuts on your list this year. Good luck in the holiday shopping craze!

Do you have any suggestions in what would make great gifts for health nuts? Please share them in the comments.

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