Save the Planet & Look Beautiful with Natural Beauty Treatments

by Head Health Nutter on July 28, 2014

Staying as natural as possible is what we like to talk about here on Live Lighter. For instance, I recently learned that coconut oil and lavender oil can be a great mosquito repellent (although you have to reapply it often for it to work). If you like where this is going, then keep reading for today’s guest post on natural beauty treatment options by blogger, Dixie Somers.

If you’re a green girl trying to save the planet and look fabulous at the same time, it can be tough to find beauty products that won’t harm the environment either in the making of the product or disposing of it. A lot of products are harmful to the environment, however the toxins and chemicals they include aren’t the best for your body either. If you want to stay beautiful and keep the planet safe, here are a few products that will help you to do both at the same time:

Soft AND Healthy Skin

Green Girl Many moisturizers contain a chemical called BHA that is harmful to fish and wildlife, and BHA can cause allergies and possibly even cancer in humans. Plain yogurt and honey can moisturize your skin without hurting anyone, and honey can help reduce acne. Make a mask by evenly combining yogurt and honey in a mixture big enough to coat your face, and let the mask sit for 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water. Not only will you be helping the wildlife, but you’ll be putting all-natural ingredients on your face—sparing yourself from harmful chemicals.

Easy On The Eyes (And Skin)

Organic Wear Duo Eyeshadow gives you two colors without exposing your eyes to any harmful materials. Those with sensitive skin or eyes can use this shadow to look great without worrying about irritation. There are several choices for colors depending on your preference and eye color, and it’s 100% organic!

Heavy Duty Organic Products

Chemicals make their way from showers and sinks to large bodies of water, but this pollution is something many people guiltily encourage. It is okay to admit that products with chemicals can be stronger and produce more results, but there are some natural treatments that are tough enough for serious skin problems. Juice Beauty products like the Blemish Clearing Serum use ingredients like Vitamin C and fruit acid to get results, and organic solutions for wrinkles, oily skin, spots, sun protection and more are available.

Blissful Blush

Parabens found in cosmetics can interfere with hormones, so swap them for the power of plants with the Zea Mays Blush by Korres. The blush uses licorice and other plants to create a luminous powder that will not clog pores. It can be tough to find natural cosmetics, but Korres has a full makeup and skincare line that helps you avoid harmful ingredients.

No Bleaching Necessary

Before loading a tray of bleach into your mouth to whiten your teeth, try this gentle peppermint toothpaste from Jason. This paste includes natural ingredients that are good for you and omits toxins that you don’t want to be spitting down the sink. According to a Blackfalds dentist of the Parkland Mall Dental Centre, bamboo powder whitens teeth, aloe soothes the mouth, peppermint freshens breath, and grapefruit stops bacteria. This toothpaste includes all of these friendly ingredients that not only clean your teeth, but that leave your smile more sparkly than it was before.

Sweet Scents Without Harm

Parfums enhance fragrances but hurt marine life and may cause asthma, so make your own odor remover by mixing equal parts baking soda and cornstarch with an essential oil like lemon. Scoop this into a decorative bag and keep it in your car, or sprinkle some into running shoes to remove pungent scents.

You can embrace green living without sacrificing your beauty by using all natural products that still get the job done, and don’t harm the planet in the process. If you’re a green girl trying to make it in this world, all you need to do is keep your eyes out for organic and non-toxic beauty products. These products are out there, you just need to find which ones work for you and then you’ll be sitting pretty and helping the planet at the same time.

About the Author

Dixie Somers is a freelance writer from Arizona. You can find her on Google+

What natural beauty products (or concoctions) have you tried that work and you like?

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Dental Implants: The Closest You Can Get To Natural Teeth

by Head Health Nutter on July 24, 2014

Do you or someone you know have or need dentures? If so, check out today’s post for another option!

Let us be honest. Dentures are not for everyone, not because they are uncomfortable, but rather because many people want false teeth that they do not have to put in a glass of water at night. Many edentulous individuals, whether completely or partially toothless, dream of brushing their teeth the way they used to, without having to take them out and handle them with their hands. Luckily, with great advancements in dental technology, this is now possible.

dental-implantsWhat Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the closest you can get to your original dentition. This type of prosthetic does not just come with a crown that looks like a real tooth, but with a root as well. Titanium posts are used to anchor the “tooth” to your alveolar ridge. Therefore, these teeth stay in place and allow you to chew on tough yet juicy steaks, eat corn from the cob and enjoy crunchy apples and carrots without having to worry about your denture slipping out.

Why Titanium?

If you look through many dental implant forums, you will notice that most people wonder why titanium is used as posts, instead of any other metal. This is because countless studies show that there is little to no chance of tissue rejection when titanium is used. The titanium fuses to the bone once the area is healed. This process is called osseointegration, and it is defined as the functional and structural connection between the surface of an artificial implant and living bone tissue. So far, titanium is preferred because it meshes best with alveolar bone.

The Procedure [click to continue…]

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The Easiest Ways to Create Delicious Healthy Meals Every Day

by Head Health Nutter on July 20, 2014

Healthy living can be summed up as simply as healthy eating and activity on a daily basis. Here to help with the eating part is guest blogger, Harry Roberts. Keep reading for some simple ways to eat healthy.  

Getting your family to eat healthy every day can be a challenge, but with the right meal plans and the right ingredients, you can encourage everyone, from your youngest child to the oldest adult in the family, to choose foods that are better for their bodies and their minds. Stumped for ideas on how to do this? Then continue reading for some tips and some easy ways to create delicious meals right in your kitchen that your family will gladly devour.

Olive OilIncorporate the Right Kinds of Fats

Certain types of fats are actually good for you, and you should make it a point to incorporate more of them into your family’s daily diet. Not only do they make your food richer and tastier, but they are also great for cardiovascular health, as well as the health of your brain and your skin. Try to avoid any products that contain saturated and trans fats, which are the enemies, and opt instead for polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats from plant sources like flaxseeds, chia seeds, olive oil, and coconut oil. As with everything else, use these in moderation for the best results.

Beware of dairy products and meat, which are all high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Limiting these substantially will make a big difference in the way your entire family feels, especially if you are replacing them with healthier plant-based options (there are many mock meat substitutes out there today to experiment with to make any meat-based meal healthier).

Find Clever Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables [click to continue…]

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Have you had an injury or are you suffering from chronic pain? Any kind of pain, no matter where it comes from, can limit your abilities all around but especially when it comes to keeping a regular fitness regime. If you or someone you know fits this category, then please keep reading today`s guest post by Anita!  

Trying to maintain some type of fitness after a serious injury can be a challenge, especially if you suffer from bouts of pain and fatigue. However, pushing yourself beyond a normal capacity can create further injury. The following tips are sure to get you back on your feet and feeling good again.

How To Stay Fit After A Serious Injury Without Pushing Your Body Too MuchHealthy Diet

The fear of gaining weight is normal after a serious injury. If you were used to a great deal of activity and now have restrictions, you may see the scale creeping upward. However, in order to speed up your recovery and promote healing, you’re going to need to follow a healthy diet. While you may want to limit your food intake, smaller meals, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and drinking plenty of water can help you maintain your weight and get back into shape faster.

KT Tape

Whether you were training for a marathon or trying to reach your own personal fitness goals, an injury can sidetrack you from your workout. KT tape provides hours of relief and sustains humidity, sweat and exercise exertion. Whether you have knee pain, lower back discomfort, an ankle strain or carpal tunnel syndrome, KT tape works to provide support and relief to your serious injury. The use of the tape also allows you to get back into your workout slowly and pain-free. [click to continue…]

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Healthy Snacks To Take On The Go

by Head Health Nutter on July 16, 2014

We all have to eat to live. What we choose to eat makes the most difference in our health. If you’re looking for some healthy and super quick snack ideas, then keep reading today’s guest post by Savannah Coulsen!

Contrary to what many dieters believe, snacking is actually beneficial to weight loss as it keeps blood sugar levels stable while keeping them from overeating later in the day. The key, however, is to choose the right types of snacks eaten. A bag of chips from the vending machine or a cinnamon roll from the bakery is not the right option for grab-and-go snacks.

Greek yoghurt with honeyHowever, the following options can not only keep your cravings at bay, but may also improve your weight loss.

Greek Yogurt

One very portable grab-and-go snack is Greek yogurt, which has significantly more protein than other types of yogurt. However, it is best to choose the plain variety and add fresh fruit in order to reduce the amount of sugar and increase the amount of fiber. For those who don’t have time to add fresh fruit, experts say choosing a version that already has fruit is acceptable, but to choose one with a low sugar content.


One ounce of nuts has a significant amount of protein and fiber while providing LDL cholesterol lowering properties as well. The key is to be sure the serving size is correct, as nuts are easy to over eat. Consider that 30 pistachios or 23 almonds is a one-ounce serving. The best rule of thumb is that a shot glass is one ounce, so the amount of nuts eaten should be able to fit in a shot glass. Another way to determine the serving size if there is no way to measure them is that the serving should fit in the cupped section of your palm.

Cheese Sticks

One reason that cheese sticks are great for an on-the-go snack is that they are already portioned into a serving size. Add fresh fruit for added fiber and you have an excellent travel snack. It is not necessary to limit yourself to the cartoon-character versions of cheese sticks that you give to your children, however. Websites, such as, offer adult versions of these portable snacks, such as Romano Garlic or Dijon Swiss.

Nutrition Bar

There are many varieties of nutrition bars available, from protein-rich bars that can be used as a meal replacement to soft, chewy granola bars that provide a sweet break in the middle of the day. Search for bars with less than 200 calories and that have less sugar than others. Choose those that have natural sugars such as evaporated cane juice or honey. Check the fat content and if the bar does not have nuts, yet has a high fat content, choose a different bar.

These easy, grab-and-go options for snacks are excellent for anyone who is trying to eat a healthier diet, whether it is to lose weight or simply live a healthier lifestyle.

About the Author

Savannah Coulsen is a freelance writer. She lives in Raleigh. Savannah loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru.

What’s your favourite snack-on-the-go? 

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What You Can Afford After Stopping Smoking

by Head Health Nutter on July 14, 2014

Are you a smoker? Do you know and love someone who smokes? If you’ve ever thought of smoking as burning good money away and you want to create some motivation to kick the habit, then you’ll love today’s guest article by Jennifer Smith! She gives you an idea of the financial benefits of stopping smoking in a realistic way you or those you love can really appreciate.

(Editor’s Note: Jennifer is from Europe so for our North American readers, some of the terms used may be foreign but she’s included dollars compared to her Euros; you’ll get the gist either way, though.)  

iStock_000016470174SmallSmoking is a very expensive habit, both in terms of your health and your bank balance. Quitting smoking can be difficult but it will make a huge difference to your health and lifestyle, and the money you save from not smoking that pack of twenty everyday could be spent much more wisely in other areas of your life. The long term damage that occurs through a cigarette habit includes many serious diseases and cancers including lung disease and a heightened risk of heart attack – surely a risk not worth taking?

So when smokers kick the habit they lessen the risk of these deadly diseases and become richer in terms of their general well-being. They will also have much more money in their back pockets to afford things that they may never have been able to before…

[click to continue…]

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Are you bored with the protein you use in your regular diet? Check out today’s guest post by Carol, a diet specialist, who provides a list of 5 unusual protein options to spice up your life! 

boiled-lobsterIt’s no surprise that when most body builders are looking to up their intake of protein they resort to traditional protein sources from beef, lamb or chicken. But if you are looking to add some variety to your diet or you might be interested in knowing more about additional protein substitutes, here are some surprising muscle building foods that you would not have thought about earlier to include in your diet. [click to continue…]

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Seasonal Sniffles: Treating Hay Fever the Natural Way

by Head Health Nutter on July 8, 2014

I’m lucky enough to be allergy-free; but some of my friends aren’t as fortunate. They tell me that they need to take allergy medication on a constant basis, and not only that, they have to mix it up after awhile because their bodies get used to the same meds! One even takes shots to alleviate her allergy symptoms. If you’re an all-natural kinda person, though, you may enjoy today’s guest post by Steve Tucker. 

The flowers are blooming and the weather is warm; it’s that time of the year again, the time when hay fever flares up, causing itchy eyes and sneezing. While most people are unaffected by dust, pollen, and outside spores, a select few dread the spring and summer despite the pleasant tidings they bring.

If you’re ready to spring to action to stop a pending hay fever attack, consider the following:

Woman sneeze on a meadowSymptoms

Usually, the spring season coincides with blooming hay fever, yet exposure to certain elements, such as pet dander, make symptoms persist all year. Notice the persistence of sneezing, watery eyes, itchy or irritated skin, as well as a running nose.

Consult a physician as well as online literature regarding the topic. Often, recognizing symptoms and knowing what to avoid keeps exacerbation to a minimum.


Professionals and body gurus throughout the ages agree to the connection between what goes in the body and subsequent health. A low fat, high-complex carb diet curbs symptoms of hay fever. Include the following foods in your ongoing diet: deep orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, leafy veggies, carrots, yams, and ginger.

Conversely, a number of foods help expedite or aid symptoms. Exclude the following foods from your diet: Bananas, chocolate, peanuts, wheat, sugar, and red meat.

Homemade Remedies

[click to continue…]

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There are many benefits to having kids. One of them can be inspiration for leading a healthier lifestyle! Check out today’s guest post by Dixie Somers who goes over some of the basics in teaching your kids to live healthier through what you do on a daily basis. 

Teaching your children the importance of living a healthy lifestyle is something that can best be done by example. When they see you making healthy choices in all areas of your life, they’ll be more likely to develop those same healthy habits. Instead of forcing your kids to live a healthy lifestyle, you can show them how to be healthy and by the time they are an adult, these healthy practices will be second nature to them.

The following six healthy living habits provide a good foundation for teaching by example.

Practice What You Preach - 6 Ways You Can Be a Healthy Example for Your KidsEat Breakfast

Mornings can be a hectic time for any family. As the adult in the group, you may be inclined to skip breakfast. Your kids should see you taking time to eat breakfast or at least leaving home with a healthy pack-and-go breakfast food. Whole grain muffins, healthy cookies, healthy cereal, smoothies and breakfast sandwiches are just a few healthy quick breakfast foods.

If you plan on having a healthy breakfast, you need to get enough sleep so that you’ll be able to wake up in time to eat a proper meal. This will also assist you in teaching your kids healthy sleeping habits as well. If they get in the habit of eating breakfast every morning, then they will continue the practice once they are on their own.

Less Sedentary

[click to continue…]

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Preventive Care & the Future of Medicine

by Head Health Nutter on July 4, 2014

This is not a new subject. Actually, I blogged about it back in 2007 in my article: Healthcare? Or is it Really Sickcare? Today we have guest blogger, Jessica Socheski, who shares more about preventative medicine and how hot of a discussion it is these days. Please read and add your opinions in the comment section!

Preventive medicine seems like a buzzword in the ongoing healthcare discussion. It is how legislatures and educators want to bring change to the health and well-being of the general U.S. population. So what exactly does prevention look like? And how can it save the healthcare system? Here is an overview of what it all means.

apple with a heartWhy Prevention?

Preventive care focuses on the group as a whole rather than the individual. For example, it is much cheaper to spend money campaigning against smoking and reaching a wide audience than it is to fight lung cancer in one patient. In essence preventive care gives “more bang for your buck” by working wholesale to prevent serious diseases, writes Dr. Donald Bucklin for

So for public health care supporters who want to see change on a large sweeping scale, prevention is a fantastic model. In fact, 73 percent of Americans already support investment in preventive care. Medical professionals and policy makers are perhaps so passionate about prevention because studies have demonstrated for years that if health care continues at the current pace, spending will skyrocket and hospitals will not be able to handle the load.

Chronic Disease Is Costing Us

[click to continue…]

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